Nature and elegance

Nature and elegance

Location: Balatonaliga
Planning Area: 17,000 sqm
Services: interior design, architecture
Status: concept design

We were asked to design the architecture and interior design of a hotel built on top of a loess wall in Balatonaliga. An important aspect of the interior design was to not only use local materials typical of Lake Balaton, such as stacked stone and reeds, but also to connect the designs to the loess wall located in front of and below the hotel. This is how, for example, the bird lamp came into the lobby, which is a subtle reference to our protected bird nesting in the loess wall, the sparrowhawk.

The closeness to nature is symbolized by the natural materials used in the interiors and furniture, such as reed, wood and linen. In addition, we have created interlocking internal gardens in the lobby, at the bar, in some suites and in the wellness department. In the interior spaces, we have created places for many plants, which, thanks to the planned, huge glass surfaces, have access to life-giving light.

In addition to the cleanness characteristic of the interior spaces, the connection with nature is shown by the use of wood coverings and warm-toned, earthy colors.

Wedging interior garden at the lobby bar