Bayer Construct Office Building

Bayer Construct Office Building

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Planning Area: 5,000 sqm
Services: architecture, interior design
Status: befejezve

We were tasked with designing a 300-person office building as well as a logistics center. The relatively large office and logistics center was to be built on a 7-hectare steeply sloping site. One of the primary requirements for the office was to create a transparent office space, both internally and externally, in which the various units within the office are separated while still giving the impression of a single office space

The foundations of the buildings were one of the most difficult challenges because the site is located above a defunct quarry. The area had to be cleared for months. To create a terraced layout, tens of thousands of cubic meters of earth were moved. The structures are supported by reinforced concrete

The fire barrier was solved by overstretching the structure between each level without breaking the rhythm of the facade

The office building was placed at the highest point of the site to provide a nice view for the employees

An atrium connects the levels within the building