Zugló City Center

Zugló City Center

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Planning Area: 450,000 sqm
Services: architecture
Status: concept design

We were tasked with creating a new city center for Budapest's 14th district. On a 7-hectare vacant site, we designed a shopping center, residential and office buildings. Placing a diverse set of functions on this site presented interesting challenges, such as resolving the transportation system.

The shopping center is divided into two divs. A supermarket, as well as smaller and larger retail outlets, are arranged in the form of a shopping street rather than a traditional mall layout. The shops spill out into the open air. A key consideration was that the new town center should increase the value of the area and thus the quality of the neighborhood.

There are many green elements in the basic concept. A green lane will be created that will continue to expand towards Rákos creek

The mayor's office, market, and specialist clinic are all housed in the same structure