Hotel Karlóca

Hotel Karlóca

Location: Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
Planning Area: 11,500 sqm
Services: architecture, interior design
Status: under construction

LIMA has been tasked with designing a 90-room, 5-star hotel capable of accommodating both family and conference tourism. All rooms should have a panoramic view of the Danube, which was a special request.

The location is in the countryside near Karlóca. Because there are no other buildings nearby, LIMA's biggest challenge was figuring out where to put a large structure without making it an eyesore. This is how the barn architectural model emerged. The old livestock buildings are typical, with similar scale and elongation, set in similar surroundings. Furthermore, the buildings can blend into the landscape due to their simple form and use of natural materials.

… with their simple forms and use of natural materials, the buildings blend into the landscape.

The buildings with the simplicity of their form and the natural they fit into the landscape by using materials

Aside from the rooms' simplicity, the connection with nature is reflected in the use of wood finishes and warm, earthy tones.