The first step towards creating a premium living space customized to ambitious and sophisticated young adults

We recommend our URBAN package to those who would like to take the first steps towards creating their premium living space and would like a partner in managing the construction and interior design process of their first home who knows the needs of ambitious and sophisticated young people. Apart from the exceptional quality and customized construction, another important criterion for us is rationalizing costs.

LIMA focuses on finding a common voice with clients from the first moment, since when furnishing a first home or building a completely new house, it is indispensable that we first understand the clients’ needs before being able to make their vision come to life. The custom spaces created by LIMA will reflect the clients’ personality and lifestyle in every aspect in order to make sure that the atmosphere surrounding them is both trendy and motivating.

Guidelines for assessing prices

Internal architectural design
and management
Price per square meter:
8 500 Ft/sqm
Minimum price for design:
880 000 Ft
Architectural design
and management
7% of the property’s budget (average historical cost in case of premium real estate agents):
380-450 000 Ft/sqm
Minimum design cost:
2 890 000 Ft

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