Nothing is impossible for those who know what they want and how to get it…

LIMA’s comprehensive solution is designed for those who know what they want and also know how to make it happen. For EDITION clients, there are technically no limits in creating their truly premium living space. There is constant contact and negotiation between the client and the Lima team during the design and construction process so that we can flexibly adjust the design and construction to the owner’s needs and vision at any time.

The freedom that EDITION offers is typically chosen by domestic and international managers who are used to and expect premium quality in every aspect of their lives, and thus also in creating their living space. This premium living space reflects the accomplishments and success of the owner, creating a home of international lifestyle standards where they can proudly entertain their guests.

Guidelines for assessing prices

Internal architectural design
and management
Price per square meter:
16 890 Ft/sqm
Minimum price for design:
2 880 000 Ft
Architectural design
and management
9% of the property’s budget (average historical cost in case of premium real estate agents):
520-650 000 Ft/sqm
Minimum design cost:
6 890 000 Ft

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