World-class architectural solutions, precise and reliable construction for advanced users.

LIMA’s CLASSIC package is recommended to those who have already finished a construction or refurbishing, or are experienced real estate owners with high expectations in terms of quality and reliability towards the implementer. At LIMA, we build on the experiences gained through our domestic and international, private and corporate projects to provide world-class architectural solutions, with precise and reliable construction as a basic requirement.

Our clients expect an experienced and premium service provider who offers timeless design and construction solutions that are different from the clichés of the market. LIMA’s premium services offer a subtle departure from mass solutions to those who love classical and clean design.

Guidelines for assessing prices

Internal architectural design
and management
Price per square meter:
12 490 Ft/sqm
Minimum price for design:
1 880 000 Ft
Architectural design
and management
8% of the property’s budget (average historical cost in case of premium real estate agents):
450-520 000 Ft/sqm
Minimum design cost:
4 890 000 Ft

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